Citizen’s Responsibilities

Are a citizen’s first responsibilities to family, political leader, or country? Explain.

A citizen is supposed to be responsible for both his/her family and country, since the political leader could be a tyrant. Unless the leader is a benevolent dictator, then a person’s actions would also be benefiting the country. Though most of the responsibility should be for the family since a person should supposedly care for his/her family more than a country. Therefore a citizen’s first responsibilities are to his/her family.

Would assassination or civil war ever be a justifiable response to tyranny?

Yes, despite the unethical issues associated with it, this seems to be the only solution as the tyrant has the most power over the people. The infeasibility of other methods such as discussion and influence does nothing to a person who has been blinded by his/her own power. Furthermore, men are not the persuasive type, and usually resort to violence to end things.

What would you do if the leader of your country became a vicious tyrant?

I would probably assassinate him or flee the country, a type of “fight or flight” approach. I would kill him/her, due to the reasons I stated before, discussion and influence would not work. Additionally, my insignificance in society hinders the power of my speech. Or I would run away, not having to deal with guilt of killing someone, and avoiding the rule of the leader.


~ by justincascante on March 7, 2010.

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