Act IV & Act V Favourites

Cite your favourite image or lines from Act IV and Act V of Macbeth and explain why you liked them so much.
“Pour in sow’s blood, that hath eaten her nine farrow; grease that’s sweaten from the murderer’s gibbet, throw into the flame.” (Act 4, Scene 1, Line 69 – 72) This line was said by the first witch during the scene where the witches were putting ingredients in their cauldron and summoning spirits to talk to Macbeth. Rephrased, the witch says to pour in pig’s blood that has eaten her litter of nine and the body fat that had dripped from a hanging, decaying body of a murderer. This was my favorite image because I thought that it really represented witchcraft. The hint of cannibalism and murder give the impression of a dreadfully dark wickedness, which witchcraft is all about.

“Let the angel whom thou still hast served tell, thee, Macduff was from his mother’s womb untimely ripp’d.” (Act 5, Scene 8, Lines 17 – 20) This line was said by Macduff during his battle with Macbeth, nearing the end of the play. When paraphrase, it says let the demon that you served tell you that I was removed from his mothers womb unnaturally. This meant that Macduff was born by Caesarian section, and not by natural means. This also meant that Macbeth’s charm or luck does not work with Macduff, leaving him vulnerable. This is why I enjoyed this line so much. This twist in events is so thrilling that you cannot delay the need to know what happens.


~ by justincascante on March 17, 2010.

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